How to stick to you new years resolution!

Every year the loads of people believe that in the new year we are going to get fit, look and feel great. So why do so many of us fail at this and end up saying the same thing in December again. With the most common phrase “I’ll start again in the New Year”. DON’T LET 2017 BE THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER YEAR! Below I have made a list of things we can do in order to make 2017 “your year”.

Many of us start pounding the treadmills and exercise bikes. This is boring! Make your workout more fun. Many of us don’t like running and the gym. You do not have to do these to lose weight. Get yourself signed up on a football/netball/tennis/badminton/whatever team. This way you will enjoy your exercise more.

This links in with the first point. Going to the gym on your own is boring, running on your own is boring. It takes a lot of will power to get yourself off your sofa and get your butt to go and do something. Especially when it’s dark, wet and cold outside. Get a group of friends together to go. This way you can make it a social occasion and actually have a laugh whilst exercising. Also these people will help motivate you on the nights you don’t really fancy it.

Now there are many people who have lost weight and got into great shape all by themselves and this is fantastic. However there is a lot of misinformation in the fitness industry and many people don’t even know where to begin. Get some professional advice from a qualified fitness professional. If they try and sell you anything other than personal training or fitness classes (e.g. fad diets) then they are no good. Good personal trainers understand that fad diets aren’t good for you and will push you in the right direction.

Don’t look into fad diets and ridiculous training regimes. Start as simple as a couple of training sessions per week, plus a simple nutrition plan that doesn’t restrict you too much. The first thing we do when we begin a training program at Fitness 206 is start with what you are currently doing. Most people tend to eat well “most” of the time. However I explain consistency is key. Them biscuits and cakes after your tea do count, as does them 12 pints or 2 bottles of wine at weekend. The first thing we would do is work upon this and find alternatives. You would see massive results just from doing this.

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